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Pinwei has established an industry-leading data monitoring system, to locate and analyze infringement act with higher precision through its updated data system. Its content includes: monitoring of like products (store information, sales volume, price, and channel sorting); monitoring of fake commodities (information of infringing stores, information of infringing products and sales volume); monitoring of industry data; big data analysis report.

1. Market pain points: too many online platforms, diversified rules, difficulty in monitoring; inability to realize price control and trans-regional control of distribution effectively; incomprehensive monitoring information; difficult and time-consuming monitoring with high cost.

2. Pinwei plan: Pinwei established a professional collection system, which has as many as 26 dimensions of information data and monitors market dynamics in real time 24 hours a day. Pinewei is familiar with multi-platform rights protection management, rules and process, and combines system monitoring and manual reexamination to achieve low cost and high efficiency.

3. Pinwei effect: grasp the overall situation of brand and product distribution rapidly; grasp brand infringement situation accurately, and establish a comprehensive brand protection system; reinforce distributor loyalty through price monitoring and control of distribution channel; review information on sales page, and avoid online illegal behavior of product.

4. Service process

(1) Determine the object of monitoring. Confirm to monitor infringement, price, sales volume and white list, and determine the source of monitoring data.

(2) Set rules for crawling. Sift out the most appropriate data collection rules to ensure the accuracy of crawled data.

(3) Data monitoring. Realize multi-dimensional real-time data monitoring of multiple platforms (including various common platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, JD, Suning, YHD.COM and Amazon) 24/7.

(4) Data cleaning. Confirm cleaning rules according to monitoring requirements, combine machine and manual cleaning, and guarantee cleaning efficiency and preparation rate.

(5) Preliminary judgment on infringement. Accumulate data of infringement scenarios, and label infringement attribute and type quickly, to make it convenient for clients to understand the infringement situation.

(6) Data feedback. Provide regular data monitoring reports for data feedback, and optimize data collection target and rules.

Case number

Subject of infringement

Process result

XS21****25 深圳市***国际贸易有限公司 Judgement ***** RMB
XS21****26 深圳市**实业有限公司 Settlement*****RMB
XS21****27 刘*良 Settlement*****RMB
XS21****28 金华市**商贸有限公司 Settlement*****RMB
XS21****29 株洲市***服装有限公司 Judgement ***** RMB
XS21****30 翼城县**副食店 Judgement **** RMB
XS21****31 莆田市荔城区***服装店 Judgement ***** RMB
XS21****32 丁*林 Judgement ***** RMB
XS21****32 惠来县****服装商行 Settlement*****RMB
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Adhering to the purpose of "voice for the original and endorsement for the original", we provide original copyright protection services that cover the processes of "credibility, network-wide monitoring, whitelist management, self-service rights protection, or VIP personal rights protection". The creators solved the massive infringement problem.
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Professional team

An efficient and coordinated service team composed of senior industry lawyers and legal operations specialists, with monthly internal training.



Intelligent management

The online system is updated in real time, the case status is accurately tracked, and the progress and plan are communicated with the customer in a timely manner.



Comprehensive quality inspection

The department conducts random quality inspections, regular customer satisfaction survey feedback, and continuously optimizes service processes.



Advanced technology

Is a legal service with abundant real business scenarios in the domestic legal industry, focusing on data accumulation and analysis

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