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After locating and analyzing infringement act, Pinwei first fight it through platform complaint, and it has standardized complaint management. Complaint types include trademark infringement, unauthorized use of images, abuse of brand words, fake authorization, etc. Pinwei controls the behaviors of distributors with the above, and at the same time search for stores with value and expand potential distribution channels.

1. Market pain points: the pain points of brands during the link of filing complaint are as follows: a large number of infringement links, long complaint response time, high no-pass rate during review; infringing sellers are familiar with platform rules and know how to evade responsibility, thus a high rate of repeated infringement; platform rules are lagging behind and have loopholes; corporate business and legal departments are unfamiliar with platform rules, which makes it difficult to restrict infringement targetedly.

2. Pinwei plan: create professional verbal language for complaint, and analyze platform rules; file batch complaints against infringing sellers through the SaaS system for compliant against rights protection; track complaint progress with real-time response, and improve compliant strategy in time; increase the cost of infringement with seamless connection between online and offline claims for rights protection.

3. Pinwei effect: high success rate of compliant; rapid elimination of infringing act of online sales; identification of willful infringement for targeted attack; crackdown on the source of infringement through integration of online data patrol and offline investigation.

4. Service process:

(1) Pre-complaint judgment on infringement. Finalize and determine the fact and type of infringement before filing a compliant on platform, to ensure the quality of complaint.

(2) Manual review of whitelist. 100% manual review of whitelist to confirm that the target of complaint is infringing link of low price.

(3) Professional complaint skills. Professional verbal language for complaint; selection of a specific reason for compliant according to the type of infringement.

(4) Standardized response management. Professional verbal language for complaint for different scenarios; timely response upon determination of infringement.

(5) Complaint progress tracking. Track the processing flow of complaint, appeal and anti-appeal and the actual situation of infringing store.

(6) Accumulation of post-complaint data. Monthly feedback of complaint situation and analysis of infringing stores and complaint actions.

Covered platforms

E-commerce platforms: Taobao, Tmall, 1688, Aliexpress, Shoutao, Xianyu, Pinduoduo, Weidian, JD, Suning.com, Makepolo.com, Mogujie, HC360.com, Amazon.

Tencent platforms: WeChat (account, Moments, public account, applet), QQ (account, QQ group), micro store.

Video websites: Bilibili, Youku, iQIYI, Sohu, Tencent, Douyu, Tik Tok, Kuaishou.

Forum websites: Baidu Post Bar, Weibo, Blogger, Jia Zai Shenzhen, Dianping.

Promotion platforms: Baidu Promotion, Baidu Snapshot, Baidu Wangpan, Baijiahao, Toutiao.

Store ID

Type of infringement

Penalty status

**玩具 Copyright infringement Deleted
丹朵**O Not produced Deleted
d[s109****34] Abusing brand words Deleted
d[s106****64] Trademark infringement Deleted
亲亲**66 Trademark infringement Deleted
轻时**牌店 Trademark infringement Deleted
海**男装 Trademark infringement Rectified
Gin****生活馆 Trademark infringement Rectified
星月**代购 Trademark infringement Rectified
Platform complaint
Adhering to the purpose of "voice for the original and endorsement for the original", we provide original copyright protection services that cover the processes of "credibility, network-wide monitoring, whitelist management, self-service rights protection, or VIP personal rights protection". The creators solved the massive infringement problem.
Our advantage


Professional team

An efficient and coordinated service team composed of senior industry lawyers and legal operations specialists, with monthly internal training.



Intelligent management

The online system is updated in real time, the case status is accurately tracked, and the progress and plan are communicated with the customer in a timely manner.



Comprehensive quality inspection

The department conducts random quality inspections, regular customer satisfaction survey feedback, and continuously optimizes service processes.



Advanced technology

Is a legal service with abundant real business scenarios in the domestic legal industry, focusing on data accumulation and analysis

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